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The health benefits of dancing

It is never too late to lace up the ballroom shoes and get your groove on.

The health benefits of green tea

From losing weight and strengthening your immune system to fighting back against cancer, the benefits of drinking green tea are vast.

Easy tips for seniors to stay active

It's common knowledge that the natural process of aging can result in numerous health hazards, but what can be done to offset these risks the older we become?

Soothing stress relief tactics

Stress isn't healthy for an individual of any age so it's important to stay away from it.

Easy ways to get fit

Getting older doesn't mean you get to stop exercising.

The benefits of yoga for seniors

Yoga can be a beneficial practice for individuals of all ages but can provide a little something extra for aging adults.

Learning tai chi can improve quality of life for seniors

While martial arts are usually not a common recreational activity for seniors, researchers are now suggesting that mastering the moves of the ancient Chinese defense practice known as Tai chi will help foster a variety of health benefits.

Common digestive problems

Approximately 50 million Americans visit a doctor's office each year due to digestive issues, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Healthy foods you should be eating

It's no mystery that some foods are healthier than others.

Stay healthy all year long

Getting sick can cause a number of inconveniences and disruptions to your daily life.