Balance Exercises for Seniors & Exercise for Seniors

//Balance Exercises for Seniors & Exercise for Seniors

The health benefits of dancing

It is never too late to lace up the ballroom shoes and get your groove on.

Healthy foods you should be eating

It's no mystery that some foods are healthier than others.

Stay healthy all year long

Getting sick can cause a number of inconveniences and disruptions to your daily life.

Social activity proven to help seniors live longer

Solitude offers us a chance to reflect upon life and can provide pleasant nostalgia.

Dancing and video games: A cure for elderly urinary incontinence in women?

While urinary incontinence is a condition most would prefer not to confess having, involuntary loss of bladder control is a disorder that affects up to 200 million people worldwide.

Exercising after 50: The importance of strength and cardiovascular training

It's common knowledge that seniors must engage in regular physical activity as they get older to maintain wellness.

Does improved access to the Internet mean greater senior wellness?

Technology has had a huge role in the state of health care in general, from increased treatment options to advancements in the way doctors and scientists conduct research.

Music might be key to better workouts

Modern science may have found reason to put more meaning behind the idea that music is a powerful force.

Senior wellness and folic acid levels

We're currently in the midst of National Folic Acid Awareness Week.

Food and fitness resolutions to keep this year

Two attainable New Year's resolutions seniors can make are to walk quicker and eat slower.