What to expect with knee replacement surgery

The chances of needing a knee replacement is increasing as more aging adults want to remain active through their retirement years.

Healthy foods you should be eating

It's no mystery that some foods are healthier than others.

Stay healthy all year long

Getting sick can cause a number of inconveniences and disruptions to your daily life.

What is Plantar Fasciitis and how can you prevent it?

Sometimes, individuals can develop a painful condition on the bottom of the foot called plantar fasciitis.


It's never too late to learn a second language for seniors

We all pick up a few foreign words here and there, such as "bon jour" and "adios," but what if learning a few more could help save your life?

Music as medicine for senior's health

Whether you are a classically trained pianist or simply enjoy listening to the string arrangements of Vivaldi, music is a form of art that contains immense therapeutic value for all of us, regardless of background.

Social activity proven to help seniors live longer

Solitude offers us a chance to reflect upon life and can provide pleasant nostalgia.

Understanding diabetic wound care

More than 25 million Americans across the country experience a wide variety of complications and side effects associated with diabetes.

Dancing and video games: A cure for elderly urinary incontinence in women?

While urinary incontinence is a condition most would prefer not to confess having, involuntary loss of bladder control is a disorder that affects up to 200 million people worldwide.

Going over the basics of PT/INR

For starters, prothrombin time (PT) and international normalized ratio (INR) are two types of blood tests that monitor blood clotting.