What Does Medicare Cover?

/What Does Medicare Cover?

Will Medicare help pay for my wheelchair seat cushion?

People who have trouble getting around on their own often require the assistance of equipment like walkers and canes.

Does Medicare cover high frequency chest wall oscillation device hoses?

If you suffer from a respiratory condition that causes a buildup of mucus in your lungs, you may be familiar with high frequency chest wall oscillation, also called vest therapy.

Does Medicare cover cannula-type infusion sets?

People who suffer from diabetes, whether it's Type 1 or Type 2, must take extra special care to balance their blood sugar levels and maintain wellness for a long and healthy life.

Does Medicare cover heavy duty wheelchairs?

People who have trouble getting around often turn to walkers, canes and other mobility aids.

Does Medicare cover neuromuscular electrical stimulation electrodes?

People undergoing Medicare physical therapy sometimes utilize neuromuscular electrical stimulation.

Does Medicare cover heavy duty standard power wheelchairs?

People who suffer from low mobility often turn to aids like walkers and lift chairs. In more severe cases, people may need to use wheelchairs to get around.

Does Medicare cover the cost of my nebulizer filters?

A nebulizer is a piece of durable medical equipment that serves as a drug-delivery device. It's utilized to administer medicine in the form of a mist into the lungs.

Does Medicare cover my digitized speech device?

If you suffer from a severe speech impairment, your doctor may suggest that you use a speech-generating device to help you communicate with the world around you.

Does Medicare cover the cost of my catheter?

When a person has trouble getting to the bathroom, a doctor may prescribe a catheter.

Does Medicare vision coverage include cataract eyeglasses?

Cataracts are a common condition that affect about 22 million adults across the United States.