It's common knowledge that the natural process of aging can result in numerous health hazards, but what can be done to offset these risks the older we become? Apparently, a little exercise can go a long way towards providing a healthy and efficient lifestyle for the elderly.

Many researchers have explored the benefits of seniors who stay active. Scientists at the University of Colorado Boulder have suggested that achieving minimal amounts of exercise every week can decrease chances of long-term memory loss. Another study funded by members of the American Geriatrics Society found that exercise for the elderly is proven to enhance senior's overall quality of life, including areas such as improved balance, social relationships as well as decreases in depression levels.

While the motivation to find time for exercising tends to reduce the older we get, there are still plenty of safe ways for the elderly to physically condition themselves, without working up a tremendous sweat. Here are a few tips to stay fit and healthy no matter what your age is.

Walking is a great method to keep your blood pumping and can be performed just about anywhere. According to researchers at the University of Georgia, just ten minutes of continuous walking three times per week can cut risks of disability almost in half, while also providing a higher sense of self-independence. Slipping into a sturdy pair of comfortable shoes and strolling around the neighborhood not only offers a breath of fresh air, but can also be all the daily exercise you need to stay in shape.

Whether you are a senior who still gets up at the crack of dawn for a morning jog, or someone who struggles with even the mere mention of exercise, stretching your limbs and muscles is a workout that requires little mobility while supplying a multitude of physical advantages. Regularly stretching your neck, shoulders, arms and legs can boost your overall flexibility and significantly strengthen your muscles. Next time you wake up, try doing 10 minutes of toe touches, neck rolls and hip rotation exercises, and feel your body thanking you later in the day.

Finding an activity or hobby as strenuous as gardening can give your body a full-on workout that's more enjoyment than it is exercise. An hour of digging in the dirt, plowing soil and pulling weeds is more than enough physical conditioning necessary to get your heart rate elevated. Be sure to hydrate accordingly and wear proper shoes, gloves and knee pads to avoid muscles and joints tightening up.      

The ultimate socially engaging leisure activity is also quite the workout. When you are golfing, you are already enduring periods of walking and stretching, not to mention subtle weight lifting while swinging the clubs. You are also improving your balance, abdominal core and stimulating your brain by focusing on your shot while strategizing the placement of the ball. Plus, it is a great excuse to get outdoors with some friends and have some fun while you exercise.