Getting older doesn't mean you get to stop exercising. Now is an even more important time to stay fit, and ensure you're leading a healthy lifestyle. However, while you're attempting to stay fit there are some things to keep in mind. 

If you've been inactive for an extended amount of time then be sure you don't do too much too soon. This can lead to an injury and cause you to never get started again.

Those who want to go for a walk should start with five or 10 minutes, and gradually add more time as it gets easier. A walking program can help to slim your waist, improve your blood pressure and leave you feeling less tired and more energized throughout the day.

After you've returned to an active lifestyle don't make all your days jam-packed with hard exercises. Do one day of the more difficult stuff and the next with easier fitness activities. 

Sometimes you may find you're extremely busy and don't have time to go to the gym for 30 minutes. This isn't when you should start making excuses for time. Even getting in 10 minutes of exercise is better than nothing. 

When choosing an exercise regimen, be sure to pick things that you enjoy doing. If you don't like running around the track then choose an outside path to follow. It'll work out better if you make exercising a hobby rather than something you're forced to do. 

If you're afraid that exercising will make you more susceptible to falls, keep in mind that it will only build stamina and better your balance, making it less likely that you'll take a tumble. You're never too old to start exercising and turning your health around for the better, so begin the path toward a healthier lifestyle today!