What is a female condom?
A female condom is a form of contraception that prevents sperm from entering the uterus. It's a soft pouch with a ring on each end. One ring is inserted into a woman's vagina to hold it in place and the other ring stays outside the body.

Two female condoms, the FC1 condom and its replacement, the FC2 female condom, have a Food and Drug Administration approval in the United States. The FC1 condom was made of plastic but is no longer produced. The FC2 condom is made of synthetic latex and is pre-lubricated with a silicone-based lubricant.

Female condoms help with sexual health and wellness by preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

Does Medicare cover female condoms?
No, Medicare does not cover female condoms because they do not require a prescription and are not considered medically necessary.

How do I qualify?
Women cannot qualify for female condom coverage because Medicare won't accept it.

How much will a female condom cost?
The cost of purchasing female condoms will come out of pocket. A female condom usually costs around $2 to $4.

Where do I get female condoms?
Female condoms can be purchased over the counter from drugstores, online family planning clinics some supermarkets.