What is a male condom?
A male condom, also known as a rubber, is a contraceptive made of plastic, latex or animal membrane (lambskin)  that covers a man's penis to prevent semen from entering a woman's uterus during sex.

Condoms assist with sexual health and wellness help prevent pregnancies as well as protect from common sexually transmitted diseases. Condoms can be worn during oral sex as well as during intercourse.

There are a variety of options when it comes to condoms. Men can choose condoms based on size, shape, lubrication, thickness, flavors and/or colors.

Does Medicare cover male condoms?
No, Medicare does not cover condoms because they are not considered medically necessary. They also do not require a prescription.

How do I qualify for male condoms?
Men cannot qualify for coverage because Medicare does not assist with condom payment.

How much will a male condom cost?
The cost of condoms depends on the brand and features but all costs will come out-of-pocket.

Where do I get a male condom?
Male condoms can be purchased over the counter at a local pharmacy. Men do not need doctor's approval to buy condoms.