What is spermicide?
Spermicide is a substance that kills or immobilizes sperm with chemicals. Spermicide is put into a woman's vagina before intercourse to keep sperm from entering the uterus.

Spermicide itself is not a highly effective method of birth control but it can be used with other contraceptive methods like diaphragms and cervical caps to prevent pregnancy. Either alone of with a birth control device, spermicide is an option for women who don't want hormonal birth control.

Spermicide does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases.

Spermicide comes in different forms including creams, jellies, foams, tablets, films and suppositories.

Does Medicare cover spermicide?
No, spermicide is not covered by Medicare because it is not considered a medical necessity.

How do I qualify for spermicide?
People cannot qualify because Medicare will not pay for spermicide.

How much will spermicide cost?
Any costs related to spermicide must be paid out of pocket. Costs depend on the type of spermicide purchased.

Where do I get spermicide?
People can get spermicide without a doctor's prescription at family planning clinics or at their local pharmacy.