For couples that have been together for what seems like forever, dates can become rather routine or disappear from the radar. In the beginning, a relationship is all about you and your new love interest. You take time to plan really amazing dates to make a great impression.

Eventually, you settle into your routines as a couple and as the years go by, you can lose sight of the importance of alone time, which is important for your relationship's health and wellness. You have to deal with job responsibilities, you raise children and lives go on with those thoughtfully planned date nights just a memory.

To keep the spark alive, it's important to take time for yourselves at every age. Once you're older and it's just the two of you again, spend some time exploring new, exciting options for dates. You can rediscover why you fell in love and maybe find new hobbies you can enjoy doing together all while making memories to cherish.

Out-of-the-box Date Nights
Go dancing:
Grooving to the music can get you up and moving, which has great health benefits. It also provides an activity for you to enjoy together. Whether you're taking a salsa lesson or checking out a local dance night in town, grooving to the music is romantic and fun. Even if you have two left feet, you can share a laugh and practice trying to teach each other different moves.

Get a couples massage: It can be even more relaxing to release stress and tension together. Book a spa day for two that includes a couples massage. Like a regular massage, there will be wonderful smelling oils, dim mood lighting and peaceful music. With a couples massage there may be additional perks like champagne, flowers and maybe even chocolate-covered fruit. It will be both romantic and peaceful, and it's something nice you can share together.

Head to a museum: Learning together can make for an exciting date. Plan a daytime outing to a local museum, planetarium or aquarium. You can explore the different exhibits and discover new facts. Plan a self-guided scavenger hunt or dazzle each other with your prior knowledge of history, the oceans or the solar system.

Share a laugh: They say that laughter is the best medicine, and laughing together can certainly make some sparks fly. Head out to a local comedy club to check out an improv or sketch show. You can spend the evening chuckling at jokes, and afterward you can talk about which ones were your favorite.

Find the perfect pairing: If you enjoy cooking and/or a fine glass of wine together, plan an outing to a winery or a wine pairing class. You'll get to learn about different flavor combos and what sort of foods they work best with while enjoying each other's company. You can transfer your new knowledge back to your kitchen at home and keep the excitement going planning your own pairings with delicious home-cooked meals.