The degenerative condition that is arthritis causes inflammation of the joints and leads to stiffness and pain. One of the most common types of arthritis is Osteoarthritis. It affects more than 27 million Americans and gets worse with age due to the wear and tear your body experiences.

Arthritis is typically treated with anti-inflammatory medications and painkillers, some of which can cause extreme side effects. However, there are natural remedies that can provide some relief.

Ways to alleviate arthritis pain
Individuals who are on the heavier side should consider dropping a few pounds. Losing weight can have a much bigger impact on arthritis pain than one may think. Losing weight can also help to take pressure off joints in the knees, hips and feet, while also improving your mobility and preventing future damage.

Making exercise a part of your everyday routine can help relieve some of your arthritis pain and keep your joints flexible. Something as simple as water aerobics or swimming can take the stress off your joints without doing damage like more impact-heavy activities, such as walking and running. 

Turning to hot and cold treatments can make a significant difference. To keep joints loose, use an electric blanket or heating pad a night, and use cold treatments such as an ice pack or bag of frozen vegetables to relieve pain quickly. 

Acupuncture can help alleviate the pain that strikes those with arthritis. This treatment involves inserting thin needles into specific points on the body and is supposed to re-route energies to help your body restore its balance. 

If your arthritis pain is causing you stress, turn to meditation and relaxation techniques. You can take your mind off the pain the condition is causing your joints and helps your mind reach a sense of peace. 

It's important to eat healthy at any age – no matter what condition you may or may not have – but omega-3 fatty acids can significantly help those with arthritis. Fish oil supplements are a great source of omega-3s and may help reduce joint stiffness and pain you're feeling. Other fatty acids that have shown to be helpful include gamma-linolenic acid. 

Individuals with arthritis don't need an excuse to escape to the spa and get a massage. The Arthritis Foundation found that regular massaging of joints suffering from arthritis can help reduce pain and stiffness. Massages can also improve your range of motion.

Suffering from arthritis doesn't have to mean you give up on being happy, natural remedies can help reduce the pain you feel.