Medicare Dental & Medicare Dental Coverage

//Medicare Dental & Medicare Dental Coverage

Motivating diabetics to improve oral health

A new study from Denmark has found a way to brighten the smile of diabetics.

Are you getting enough magnesium?

Magnesium deficiency is an epidemic.

Dental care under Medicaid

In recent years, the link between oral and overall health has become increasingly pronounced.

Oral health care is important for seniors

A recent study published in the journal European Geriatric Medicine found that elderly patients often have less than stellar oral hygiene, which can negatively impact their overall health.

3 dental health tips for senior wellness

Maintaining wellness as a senior is about more than just eating well, exercising daily and seeing your physician regularly.

Dry mouth's effect on oral health

Since oral health and overall well-being are intertwined, maintaining a clean mouth becomes increasingly important as you age.

Lack of dental coverage under Medicare has wide impact

Although Medicare is expanding access of oral health care for millions of children in the U.S., dental care for adults is not included in the package.

What's Medigap coverage/Medicare supplemental insurance?

A Medigap policy, or Medicare supplemental insurance, can be useful during times when a service or piece of equipment is not covered by Original Medicare.