Medicare Diabetic Supplies & Medicare Diabetes

//Medicare Diabetic Supplies & Medicare Diabetes

Understanding diabetic wound care

More than 25 million Americans across the country experience a wide variety of complications and side effects associated with diabetes.

Tips on finding the best shoes for diabetics

One of the common side effects experienced by people dealing with diabetes revolves around neuropathy - diabetic nerve damage in your feet - which can decrease your ability to sense pain.

Motivating diabetics to improve oral health

A new study from Denmark has found a way to brighten the smile of diabetics.

Diabetics could benefit from eating a Mediterranean diet

A new study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine found that this type of diet, that's rich in extra-virgin olive oil, could help protect people against diabetes and heart disease.

People with diabetes-related vision problems may not realize the issue

Diabetes can lead to vision problems like diabetic macular edema, but not all patients who have the condition find out about it.

November is National Diabetes Month

November is National Diabetes Month, and it's important to understand the risks associated with the disease.

Living with diabetes: taking care of your eyes

People who live with diabetes need to be aware of changes to their bodies and take special precautions to avoid issues that spur from this disorder.

Living with Diabetes: The Importance of Caring for Your Feet

People who have been diagnosed with diabetes, whether it be type 1, type 2 or gestational, must take extra care of themselves to avoid further complications that can stem from the disease.