Incontinence in the Elderly

//Incontinence in the Elderly

Dancing and video games: A cure for elderly urinary incontinence in women?

While urinary incontinence is a condition most would prefer not to confess having, involuntary loss of bladder control is a disorder that affects up to 200 million people worldwide.

Surgical procedures seniors should avoid

As the body ages, it begins to change in ways that might affect an older individual's ability to maintain certain lifestyles. The function of bodily systems, joint mobility and the quality or control of cognitive processes can quickly become difficult issues to deal with on a daily basis.

What are folding commodes and does Medicare cover them?

People with bladder issues may have experience using incontinence supplies, such as pads and briefs.

What are plastic urinals? Does Medicare cover them?

If you've ever had a bladder problem or trouble getting to the bathroom, you may have turned to incontinence supplies - products that help keep you dry.

The ins and outs of long-term care

Seniors who have trouble with everyday activities often require long-term care.

Staying sexually active as a senior

Taking steps to ensure mental and physical wellness as a senior is essential, but another important aspect of getting older is staying connected to your significant other.

Oral health care is important for seniors

A recent study published in the journal European Geriatric Medicine found that elderly patients often have less than stellar oral hygiene, which can negatively impact their overall health.

Do I need a urinary collection device?

If you have trouble controlling your urinary function, your doctor may prescribe you one of the many different types of incontinence supplies.

Does Medicare cover the cost of my catheter?

When a person has trouble getting to the bathroom, a doctor may prescribe a catheter.

Benefits of physical therapy for seniors

Geriatric physical therapy is a great option for recovery as well as for older adults whose bodies need help with the aging process.