Mobility Aids for Seniors

//Mobility Aids for Seniors

Does Medicare cover complex rehabilitative manual wheelchairs?

Complex rehabilitative manual wheelchairs offer individuals who've been diagnosed with certain conditions a chance to maintain mobility and perform daily tasks more easily.

Medicare coverage of complex rehabilitative power wheelchairs

Complex rehabilitative power wheelchairs are a specific variety of mobility device that are better able to suit the needs of patients who experience extreme difficulty moving or operating a standard wheelchair. These models are often more bulky than their classic counterparts, and can be operated by individuals who may have lost the use of their extremities.

How to get Medicare coverage for your wheelchair padded armrests

For seniors with low mobility, sometimes canes and crutches don't provide enough support for getting around.

Transport wheelchairs covered under Medicare Part B

Transport wheelchairs are one of the most common pieces of medical equipment available to consumers, and allow an individual to maintain mobility with limited use of his or her legs.

Will Medicare help pay for my wheelchair seat cushion?

People who have trouble getting around on their own often require the assistance of equipment like walkers and canes.