A new online source of advice and help from the National Institute on Aging will help those dealing with terminal illness. The NIA is part of the National Institutes of Health and its End of Life module offers explanations surround the physical, mental and emotional needs of those who are facing death, according to HealthDay News. 

Also on the module is ways for the terminally ill to maintain their quality of life and advice on financial issues, advance directives, pain control and dealing with the grief.

"Few of us are comfortable talking about death, our own or a loved one's," said Director of the National Institute of Nursing Research Patricia Grady. "While such reluctance is natural, it can leave people unprepared and uncertain of where to find answers, especially when they are needed most."

The goal of the new module is to help those who in the final stage of life to learn more about what to expect and plan ahead. There is also information on specific conditions, treatments and a special document on end-of-life care for people who have cancer.