Sex is an important aspect of a romantic relationship. Though it's not necessarily the most important part, it is a key way for two people to stay connected and display their feelings for one another.

While the frequency of how often a couple makes love waxes and wanes throughout the years, it's not something that you have to give up once you reach a certain age. As you get older, sex will change and can sometimes become more challenging if one or both of the partners have medical conditions that affect not only your health and wellness but your sex drive, mood and/or comfort. When this happens, the physical part of the relationship can fall by the wayside. This doesn't have to be the case though, and there are plenty of options to make sex exciting and desirable by both people.

According to WebMD, older adults are continuing to have sex into their 60s, 70s and beyond, and you can, too. There's no "normal" when it comes to this part of a relationship because no two couple's are the same when it comes to what works for them. Even so, today's society is one that enjoys instant gratification and a quickened pace of life. While this works in some aspects of living, sex should not be rushed. This is especially important for seniors who might need that extra time to get in the mood mentally and/or physically. Instead of trying to race to an orgasm, consider slowing things down and bringing back the romance and sensuality to love making.

Set the scene
Creating a romantic setting can help spark an intimate mood. Soft, muted lighting can be relaxing and allow you be let go of embarrassments you might feel under bright, glaring lights. You can also opt for a different color hue like peach, violet or blue to create a new atmosphere. If you have a fireplace in your living room or bedroom, lighting a fire is certainly romantic and the perfect setting for some snuggling and wine sipping. If you don't have a fireplace at your disposal, you can also place candles around the room to create that warm, soothing fire light.

You might also want to play some relaxing music. Whether you choose one of your favorite songs, some classical tunes or the playlist from your wedding, music can definitely affect mood. Recalling fond memories is a great way to feel connect to your partner.

You can also change your everyday sheets for something with a higher thread count or even satin that will feel more luxurious. Having special sheets that feel more sensuous or fancy can be great fun. You can even get something in a dramatic color like deep red or dark purple for a true change of scene.

Try a massage
Being touched is a very nurturing feeling and a way to show someone you care without having to say the words. A massage does all that but has the added bonus of releasing tension and stress that's been building up. Don't worry about getting deep into the tissue and really working out knots as this can be more painful than relaxing. Focus more on gentle touches and movements that will calm your partner down and feel good. The feet are an excellent massage spot because they are full of nerve endings. These body parts take quite the beating from all the walking you do every day, so give them some special attention. Another great massage spot is the neck. This body part is one that holds most of the tension in people. Help your partner unwind with a delightful neck massage. You can spice up this act by using scented oils or lotions.

Draw a bath
There are few things that feel as luxurious as slipping into a hot bath, especially after a long day or week. Hot water and bubbles can create a romantic setting, so consider a bath for two. Include bubbles and salts that positively affect the senses and help create a sense of ease. You can even dim the overhead lights and light candles for added intimacy. Whether you want to wash each other, talk about your favorite memories as couple or simply enjoy each other's company in silence or listening to music, the warm water and scents will allow you to relax and revel in one another.

Taking your time to really enjoy each other's company is a wonderful way to feel connected and ready to partake in the physical aspect of a relationship. Taking the time to be intimate, set the scene and create a mood is beneficial for both of you to really appreciate the moment and make it special.