Around 9 million Americans use syringes and needles to help stabilize their medical conditions from home, amounting to over 3 billion total used each year. Injection devices are commonly used to administer insulin for diabetes patients, but can also be used for a variety of medical conditions such as allergies, hepatitis, arthritis, HIV/AIDS and cancer. These medical supplies typically range in sizes depending on the volumes and lengths needed to treat a diagnosed ailment. 6 millimeters, 8 millimeters and 12.7 millimeters are mainly used for at-home injections, however it’s important to consult with your doctor regarding which variety is necessary for your condition.

Does Medicare cover syringes and needles?
Normally Medicare Part B covers durable medical equipment, or DME needed for treatment, but it does not cover hypodermic objects needed for insulin or other medical usage. However, Medicare Part D – prescription drug coverage – insures any injectable objects along with other insulin supplies needed for diabetes, such as alcohol swabs, gauze and inhalant devices. Payments may vary depending on your private insurance plan and monthly Medicare Part D premium, but you’ll pay no more than five percent of your prescription costs after spending a certain amount out of pocket each year.

How do I qualify for coverage?
Anyone enrolled in the Medicare program with either Part A or B can obtain drug coverage with Part D, regardless of income. There are no physical exams necessary, and you cannot be denied enrollment due to health reasons or previous drug prescriptions. Other people included are:

  • Ages 65 and older and are United States Citizens or permanent residents
  • Under 65 years old with certain disabilities
  • People with end-stage renal disease

Where do I get syringes and needles?
Any hypodermic supplies can be purchased at any online medical supply store or pharmacy. When purchasing syringes or needles, make sure your doctor has instructed which size and length are right for you, and have the cost of your supplies approved by Medicare before finalizing your purchase.